At Bougainvillea San Miguel we share the illusion of our brides by planning together all the details for the big day.

Our Mission is to use our talent and experience to see you happy on your wedding day and enjoy every moment. To achieve the perfect event we start from your personal vision and what defines your essence, we strive to know your tastes and your personality to make the wedding with the most beautiful concept created especially for you.


The dream becomes reality in the hands of our specialized team of gliders, florists, chefs, photographers and more romantic passionate, they are who do the magic in Bougainvillea Weddings

We are a team certified by the Federal and State Government, specialized to carry out Destination Weddings "


Destination Wedding Specialist

We are a team of Guanajuatense offering local attention of Planning, Decoration and Catering. Now with 10 years of professional experience in this beautiful way of planning and detailing weddings in our State, mainly in the cities of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.